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You've built a company that works through a series of good decisions. Our goal is to give you a real time pulse on your people, surface their best ideas and involve them in your journey of building a successful company


Identify where to make key improvements

Share strategic challenges

Identify threats and opportunities

View your team's ideas

Continuously refine ideas


Understand how people feel and why

Measure team sentiment

Identify causes of happiness

Surface common frustrations


Involve your team in problem solving

Collect ideas that solve identified issues


Debate the merits of propositions

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Become an agent of change


You're a knowledge worker who wants more. We help you find a greater sense of purpose and growth by making sure your voice is heard and giving you a more active role in designing the company you work in


Rate your experience and share your feedback

Rate your experience daily in under 30 seconds

Highlight what's contributing to your happiness

Share frustrations that are holding you back


Suggest improvements to your workplace

Share ideas that can improve your work

Take part in company strategy

Vote for ideas you like

Debate your coworker's propositions

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We help companies design themselves through self-awareness and group intelligence


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