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Reach a shared understanding on current issues

Identify and act on solutions


Go beyond workplace wellness


There's a lot of talk about wellness. We believe it's more than perks, yoga, meditation and unlimited holidays (even though they do serve a purpose). Wellness is about being healthy, doing meaningful work alongside amazing people, feeling a sense of belonging and being able to influence your surroundings

Our goal is to help human-sized knowledge work companies like yours proactively serve your people by collectively designing your company future across 7 core areas


Purpose is key on keeping focus on everything a company needs to work on

Designed Companies have a clear purpose and set of values


People are key to an organisation's success

Designed Companies hire great people committed to customer success and ensure that their team's fundamental human needs are taken care of


IT, tools, processes and other systematic things support smooth operations

Designed Companies value efficient processes whilst being open to change


Innovation is the ultimate driver of progress

Designed Companies continuously think about how they can deliver more value to their customers


Products include services too. They are how you deliver value. They won't succeed for long without Purpose, People, Systems or Innovation

Designed Companies practice empathy with their customers and always keep in mind they are not offering a product, but solving problems


Money is a consideration when thinking about pricing and costs

Designed Companies deeply consider how they deal with money, but never confuse it for a driver of value


Growth is a shared concern for any leader. It includes all best practices in sales, marketing and advertising

Designed Companies recognise that growth is a natural consequence of getting everything else right

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The 3 pillars of our work


Create a wellness policy with impact

Identify best practices

Measure team sentiment over time

Surface the best solutions

Highlight your shared mission and values

Involve everyone in strategy​

Identify threats and opportunities​

Reinforce sense of belonging

Design your company through group intelligence

Reveal individual potential

Proactively identify signs of burnout

Involve workers in transforming their job

Identify what makes your people fulfilled


What's in our product?

Human care that goes above and beyond

Want impartial feedback​ on your ideas? Call us anytime

Need help getting your team on board? We're here to serve

Want to provide perks for your team? We'll help you figure out what makes sense and find the best people for the job

Anya, our chatbot that takes care of running surveys

Employee surveys are done over SMS in under 30 seconds

Anya's questions are designed around key company issues

Anya can ask relevant follow up questions based on ratings

An easy to use dashboard for the whole team

All team members can view survey results in the dashboard

Everyone can suggest, vote for and discuss ideas that will move the company forward

Workers become key drivers in company transformation

Steps to customer success


We help you onboard the team and define your company's values, mission statement and strategic challenges


Anya starts running micro-surveys immediately after onboarding. The whole company can see key trends


Your team shares ideas that can solve issues identified in the survey. They can also contribute to improving company operations  and answer strategic challenges


As a leader, you can take more informed decisions

You are in alignment with your team

You pursue opportunities or eliminate threats quicker

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We help companies design themselves through self-awareness and group intelligence


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