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Get you and your team's ideas heard and acted on

Reduce misunderstandings with your colleagues

Identify and solve issues with your colleagues faster than ever 


Decrease time spent reporting up and down the chain

Empower your team members to be problem solvers

Free time to focus on leadership initiatives


Get a continuous health check of your company

Identify and act on issues and opportunities much faster

Increase profits through building a more agile company

Create a meritocracy of ideas

Raise productivity

  • Team members feel they have a voice and are more engaged
  • Blockers to company growth emerge much faster.

    Human energy can be redirected to what works

Increase revenue

  • Your people become drivers of valuable innovation
  • Teams collaborate more effectively, increasing customer satisfaction

    New opportunities & efficiencies appear

Connect everyone in your company

Your personal management consultant

  • Real-time health check of your company
  • Close the loop between workers, management and executives
  • Quickly identify problems and opportunities
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Leverage Designed Company Model

Designed Company is a unique 7-part model that can be applied at all levels of a business.

Designed Company is holistic. It considers your entire company.

Designed Company is understandable by any professional. You don't need an MBA to start using it right away.


Purpose guides everything you do.

Designed Companies have a clear purpose. Their actions are guided by shared values.


People are the foundation of any organisation.

Designed Companies align their teams and focus on serving their customers. Collaboration happens seamlessly.


Systems enable continuous success.

Designed Companies have effective, understandable systems and involve team members in their continuous improvement.


Innovation enables progress.

Designed Companies nurture continuous innovation at all levels.


Products deliver value to your customers.

Designed Companies deliver optimal experiences at all times.


Money fuels companies.

Designed Companies manage money mindfully and create new money. They invest money effectively and cut costs intelligently.


Growth is a natural result of designing and delivering great customers experiences.

Designed Companies grow sustainably on the individual and collective levels.

Radical Transparency

Diversity & Inclusion

Design Thinking

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